80 University Ave Miramichi NB 15-17 June, 2017

What Is Jalloo?

The Atlantic Coast's gathering of professionals for Animation and Games.

Jalloo exists to help promote and develop the Animation and Games industry in the Atlantic provinces.

Jalloo is:

  • part conference
  • workshops, displays, presentation
  • part festival
  • animation festival, game jam
  • part job fair
  • student showcase

Jalloo has a lot to keep you busy:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Professional Development
  • Recruiting Opportunities
  • Job Seeking Opportunities
  • Professional Networking
  • Animation Festival with cash awards
  • 24 Hour Game Jam

Jalloo[jah-lu]: noun; from the Manx Gaelic Dictionary picture, figure, bust, sculpture, idol, drawing, effigy, alterpiece, image, carving, icon, painting, or statue.

To connect NBCC Miramichi students in related programs to the Animation and Game industry of the region what had been a simple job fair grew into a larger industry event. Credit goes to Heather Fowler, Gail (Langdon) Rabbits de Montbrun, and Kevin Gallant for pulling together the first Jalloo in 2008 and sticking with it ever since.

  • Mobile Games Arcade
  • Professional Development
  • Keynote James Portnow - 2012
  • Networking BBQ

Guest Speakers

  • Hitech Info

    Jean Leggett - CEO One More Story Games

  • Hitech Info

    Jeff Dundee - Game Designer

  • Hitech Info

    Kirsten Tomilson - Owner Fourth Monkey Media

  • Hitech Info

    Richard Wilson - Owner {rikkir}

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Jalloo is run by the Jalloo Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to the development of the Atlantic Canadian Animation and Game industry as well as promoting the medium of animation and games for artistic development.

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